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P&S Gallagher

P&S Gallagher is a leading funeral service operating in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex. The shoot consisted of photography and video footage across three offices. Ranging from headshots of staff, mock customer consultations and interviews with staff members.

What Did We Do?

P&S Gallagher

The purpose of the shoot was to capture high quality stills for the P&S Gallagher website including headshots of staff members. We also set out to create an ‘About Us’ video for the client, commonly referred to as an ‘Ethos Video’. This video gives the customer an overview of the business as a whole with particular focus on the business's key values.

This was a very busy shoot with multiple locations and interviews. As such, it required two team members. Given the extensive list of content to capture on the day it was decided in pre-production that one photographer and one videographer would allow for more flexibility and consistency across the shoot day.

The team approached this shoot with a strong awareness of the desired tone of the video. There was a great deal of emphasis on the cinematography, for example, smooth gimbal shots and slow pans in order to craft a sense of gentleness, dignity and peacefulness.

Planning was paramount to ensure that both stills and video were captured simultaneously. One such challenge was filming and photographing a mock service. Due to the disruption this can cause on local traffic, we only had one chance to get the shots we needed. During the pre-production phase the team planned what shots we needed to capture and where we would be best situated during the service. This careful planning ensured that we captured the desired content in one take.

Another aspect that was planned during the pre-production phase was the weather. On the day of the shoot we had a lovely sunny day. This was very important to convey the positive tone of the video as well as making the photography bright and dynamic.

The team made the decision to record more interviews of different members of the business at the different offices. This is tied together really well in the video and gives the audience a comprehensive overview of all areas of the business. The members of the business who also recorded an interview with us performed very well, coming across very natural and sincere.

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