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From rebranding to brand refreshing, we are a leading Nottingham brand agency.

Rebranding Agency in Nottingham

For any business looking to refresh their brand, they need look no further than Adtrak’s expert team of skilled creatives. 

Rebranding is where a new identity for a company or product is created. From the name and/or logo, to visual changes including typography, patterns and colours. The slogan, identity and business message may also be changed. Whether you want to alter or update your existing company image, attract new customers, increase sales or stand out from your competitors, we can fully assist in the entire rebranding process.

A Vital Part of Marketing

Branding cannot be underestimated. We redesign brands that’ll entice customers to admire, remember and prefer your business.

Elevate your logo

A new brand can showcase the best elements of your business and help generate quality leads.

Modernise your business

Customers are looking for slick branding when choosing the next company they work with. Don't fall behind your competitors

Choosing a Branding Agency

Review their case studies

The best way to judge the quality of a branding agency’s work is to see said work for yourself. Look at their case studies - does their previous work appeal to you?

Google reviews and testimonials

It’s easy to see what other clients thought of an agency’s work. Check Google Reviews and browse through the agency’s testimonials page - take a good sample size so you can make a balanced judgement.

Design knowledge and processes

Good branding can have a significant influence on the performance of a business. Even if you don’t have a proper understanding of design, ask the agency to explain their methods - their explanation can help you realise what’s important. Ask them to show you case studies of their previous work and the process and timescale of completion. In addition to design, are they able to provide other services to enhance your marketing?


Where are they based? Can they come to you to discuss and review your project in? Adtrak’s based in Nottingham but our account managers are based around the UK, allowing us to discuss and demonstrate our brilliant branding work wherever you are.

Rebrand Agency

We wholly understand all of the elements that combine to result in a successful business rebrand and the strategic approach required. So we are able to define your new brand and the audience it will target, we spend time getting to know your existing brand, your company, its core values, objectives and goals. From there we develop a name and/or logo, one of the most important aspects of your new brand identity. The new visual elements, social icons, colour palette and typography follow. Additionally, we redefine a tone of voice that targets your customer audience and perfectly reflects your business. 

As an award winning Nottingham rebrand agency we understand that a fresh, relevant and well executed makeover can generate supremely impressive results. Whether amplifying brand awareness or cementing your position in an ever-changing market, rebranding is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful tool.

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Our starting point is you. We spend time getting to know your business, its challenges and your goals.


We listen, then we create. We explore different approaches, techniques and strategies based on your needs.


Our experts work collaboratively to build a complete and effective web design and digital marketing solution.


We prioritise measurable results and will report, analyse, test, assess, tweak and develop continuously.

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