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ALD - Advanced Location Dynamics

Exclusively available to Adtrak customers, ALD (Advanced Location Dynamics) software knows where your customer is physically located and so only shows specifically localised adverts. Plus, when the ad is clicked, the website dynamically changes to reflect that location.

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How does ALD work?

ALD software links the geo locations on mobile devices and desktops to the postcode where a person is searching. This intuitive software knows the actual location of the town or city where they are based, from the postcode. From there, it dynamically inserts that location into the copy of the advert. Thus making you look local to where the user is searching, even though that may not be exactly where you are based.

Through ALD, your potential customers only ever sees your locally based adverts, which in turn increases CTR rates by up to 123%. Furthermore, ALD also dynamically changes the website to become local too. Therefore, once your ad has been clicked on and a user is on your site, that same location is shown. This in turn increases conversions by up to 400%.

Advanced Location Dynamics - Benefits

123%Potential CTR rates increases
400%Potential conversion rate increase
65%Potential cost per lead reduction

Targeting Multiple Locations

ALD is invaluable software for a vast number of sectors and businesses. If you are a company who supplies your service to multiple locations, ALD is made for you. If you provide your skips, garage doors, loft conversions or concrete supply, to name a few, to various areas, ALD can ensure your ads will be served to all of them. Locality is often a primary buying motive for customers. If you are driven by looking local and your far reaching client base looks to choose a local business, this is what ALD has been designed to do. If you’d like to harness the power of looking local, wherever your customers are, contact one of our marketing experts who will happily discuss the impact ALD could have on your business.

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