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Hitchcock & King

One of London’s leading timber merchants, Hitchcock & King came to us to provide a full digital marketing service.

3900calls received per month
120kvideo views
176%increase in social media engagements

What was the brief?

At the start of 2019, Hitchcock & King embarked on a relationship with adtrak to focus on not only maintaining their annual revenue from the previous year, but to improve overall profitability. 

They decided to invest in combining their digital marketing channels, knowing that this would be important in driving the business and the Hitchcock & King brand forward. 

What did we do?

The strategy was to improve their online website and marketing efforts by implementing a variety of multi-channel marketing campaigns, focusing on the 3 following goals: 

  1. Increase new customers via the website - Bring more users to the website and improve the conversion rate to encourage more enquiries.
  2. Increase leads for more profitable services - Expand targeting of more profitable products in certain areas. Increase the number of trade accounts and orders.
  3. Improve brand reach and reputation locally - Align brand as a local, family-run business which cares about providing a quality service throughout London.

A strategy involving SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Video and Social Marketing was created in order to maximise the avenues of improving visibility of Hitchcock & King’s branch pages. These pages were included on a new, modern and effective website. When this improved visibility attracted visitors to a branch page, they were encouraged to contact the client or visit them at their local branch.

The results

Hitchcock & King enjoyed fantastic improvements that both us and the client were very pleased about. Social Media also saw great success from the campaigns and was a huge factor in helping drive the brand forward. 

As a result, H&K were able to ensure that their business was prepared for the shift in online activity that came with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. These specific goals allowed the business to find great success in their digital efforts, specifically improving some of the following digital marketing statistics from the website:

  • Total online leads from the website (Calls & forms) saw a 68% increase [Year on Year]
  • The Cost-per-lead to acquire these leads decreased by 9.5%, despite the increase in digital marketing investment.

Before we met Adtrak, we were getting approximately 1200 calls a month. We’re now up to 3900 calls per month. Adtrak have come in, helped us out and done exactly what we require. It's been really good for Hitchcock & King

Richard Ahl, Technology Manager
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