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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, Enviro-Flame completely changed their business to reflect the change in economic climate and user behaviour; they built an e-commerce shop on their website. 

106%increase in organic traffic
91%increase in Facebook engagement
71%of website traffic from Facebook (organic & paid)

What was the brief?

After the build (which Enviro-Flame took on themselves), we worked with them to change their online marketing strategy, pushing online sales over showroom footfall and other traditional conversion methods such as calls and contact forms. Facebook marketing and advertising were introduced not long after the build to support the online shop and since then, social media, in particular, has had a huge impact and brought in over 70% of all website traffic and numerous online sales and attributed sales.

What did we do?

We revamped Enviro-Flame’s online marketing strategy in line with their new business model, with a renewed focus on e-commerce. Using our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) expertise, we ensured their e-shop was fully integrated and always visible across the website to push users towards it. 

We optimised our SEO practices to support the new focus on Enviro-Flame’s online store. We brought in social media advertising so that they could broaden their reach and engage with new audiences. Facebook adverts generated 918,000 impressions, 424 clicks-to-call, and 80 lead generation forms completed directly on Facebook, with a CPL of £33.44.

The results

This is an ongoing project, one that we’re always adapting and tweaking for optimal results. The client has introduced a new booking form to their site, one that allows customers to book home visits and servicings online, and this addition combined with our efforts has so far yielded excellent results. From October 2019 to October 2020, the site generated 2,373 calls and 2,630 leads, with a 106% increase in organic website traffic year-on-year.

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