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Like many businesses, Easigrass wanted to adapt their business and their sales process to the challenging circumstances posed by the first national lockdown. Through using their site to increase traffic and leads for their regional franchises, Easigrass hoped to not only manage through the pandemic but to thrive despite it.

42.25%increase in website traffic
86.3%of keywords targeted are on the 1st page of Google
1,000+leads generated per month

What did we do?

Without selling any new products or services, we instead focused on subtle, yet effective, changes to help Easigrass attract customers. We improved the messaging on-site to ensure stronger promotion of their contactless survey services, and we changed the wording on paid advertisements to entice customers to the site. 

Updates to Easigrass’ Google My Business meant that users were always up to speed with Easigrass’ internal processes. To further push the contactless survey service, we created blog posts detailing the service and how it benefits customers in the times of social distancing. 

The results

Easigrass’ stats from April-June 2020 - the height of lockdown - showed the company succeeding despite the most unfortunate and unpredictable circumstances. Year-on-year, the stats showed:

  • A 42.25% increase in sessions
  • An increase of 31.60% in organic users
  • 86.3% of keywords targeted are on the 1st page of Google
  • 3,966 form conversions
  • 8,092 calls
  • A Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) average of £1.69
  • Cost-Per-Click for PPC: £1.45, with a PPC CPL of £18.56

We focused on providing constant support to Easigrass, helping them achieve their goals that would otherwise have been severely hindered by the pandemic and lockdown. This partnership has yielded fantastic results, and we’re very excited about the future. 

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