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What is Google Engage for Agencies and how can your company benefit?

As an agency we have worked within online paid advertising for over 5 years and as a result have seen a large amount of changes over this time. The level of sophistication in how advertisers build and target customers has grown immensely and keeping ahead of the game is essential to get good, consistent results.

Our agency focus has mainly been within the Google AdWords ecosystem and two years ago to this week we decided to sign up for the Google Engage for Agencies program. Initially sceptical as to whether this program would make any difference we now see Google Engage that has open communication channels and full support available to anyone advertising with them.

So what are the benefits of the Google Engage for Agencies program?

  • Help at the end of the phone – Yes, you can actually call Google and get advice and support from them. They not only advise on campaign construction but also on client pitches and how to best optimise existing advertising to get a better return on investment.
  • FREE money (well AdWords credits) – It’s always nice to get free money and as part of the Google Engage for Agencies program you will be eligible for AdWords credits for new client accounts. We use them extensively and find all new clients love free advertising.
  • Training & Support – As part of the support for agencies Google put together training courses, hold webinars and host Engage for Agencies events where you can be invited to Google offices. These are invaluable for any agency and we use them consistently to help us improve our knowledge and also find out about the latest Google products and services.
  • Become a Google Certified Partner – After signing up to the Google Engage program we used the training and support offered by Google to help us become a Google Adwords Certified Partner.  This really helped us focus on a better understanding of the Google product range and also gave staff goals and a sense of achievement when passed. On top of this it shows any potential client that your agency fully understands how to advertise on Google’s platforms.
  • Need help with that pitch? – Google Engage for Agencies program has a great wealth of information available to help you pitch to clients. The information on offer can help clients understand the value of the products & services and also give agencies another insight into how to pitch.
  • FREE Goodies!!!! – This is something Google doesn’t mention on the Engage website but every now and then we get a lovely parcel full of goodies from them. Champagne Truffles at Christmas, a Mathmos Lava Lamp last month and today we got a pizza box containing a £25 credit card to pay for lunch and some extra AdWords credits (see below). That in itself must be enough reason to join the Google Engage for Agencies program 🙂

Find out more at the Google Engage for Agencies website.


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