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Ways to Get More Reviews by the Review Experts is a Google Licenced review platform that helps businesses grow their online reputation through the power of authentic customer feedback. In this post, the team shares some expert tips on how to make reviews work for you.

Why Collect Reviews?

Whatever type of business you run – be it service related, bricks and mortar retail or an eCommerce store – there’s one thing you need to impress on your target market: that you’re a reputable company worthy of their custom.

Genuine, authentic reviews do just that. They give buyers evidence of customer satisfaction, insight into what you offer, and help them make the right purchase decisions.

And that’s just their face value. Beyond that, an effective review collection strategy can help you:

Improve your customer service

A review invitation is another point of contact between you and the customer. Done right, it shows you value both their business and their opinion, which goes a long way to improving their experience with you.

Feedback is also the best way to understand what you’re doing right, and where you might be falling short. Develop your business around your customers wants and needs and you’re on to a winner.

Manage your reputation

Like it or not, people will talk about your business. And if you’re not part of the conversation it’s likely to turn sour.

With the right review tools and strategies in place, you can easily encourage positive word of mouth, effectively handle both positive and negative reviews, and take control of how your business is perceived.

Smash the competition

As well as signalling quality, satisfaction and trust, reviews have SEO benefits that boost your visibility. Combine all of this together, and you’ve got yourself a competitive edge.

It’s likely most of your rivals are already collecting reviews, so if you don’t follow suit, you’ll quickly fall behind.

3 Ways to Increase Your Review Count

1. Ask

If you don’t ask you don’t get – it’s not always the case with customer feedback. Sadly, if you’re not actively encouraging reviews they’re likely to be few and far between, and the ones you do get might not be too complimentary.

Thankfully, most customers are more than happy to share a positive experience when prompted. Make sure to ask at the opportune moment. Send a review invitation by text or email once the customer has had time to experience the product or service.

2. Simplify

Make it an easy process. Your customers lead busy lives and if you send them round the houses, they’ll quickly lose interest. Send them to where they need to be in just a few simple steps.

They’re also more likely to leave a review if they understand how important it is to you and your business. Try educating them with a short blog post or explainer video. If they know why your collecting reviews, they’ll be far more inclined to lend a hand.

3. Respond 

Acknowledgement is key. A simple ‘thank you’ for a good review shows customers you’re actually listening and not just chasing stars.

And when it comes to negative reviews, a response is vital. Make sure you take a considered approach and work to resolve the issue. In doing so, you can turn a negative into a positive and show potential customers that you put them first.


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