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The 7 Types of Logo

A logo can take the form of an almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities, from literal to symbolic, from word driven to image driven. 

Here we take a look into the different types of logos and the best way you can apply them to your company.

Abstract mark

Abstract marks are symbols that convey a big idea. They work great for companies with numerous and unrelated divisions. By using an abstract mark, you can attribute meaning to cultivate an emotion around your brand. A good example of this is the Nike swoosh, representing movement and freedom. If you choose to go down the route of an Abstract mark for your company, it’s best to leave it to the design professionals - they will take the meaning you are trying to convey and use colour, shape and structure to deliver this.

Mascot mark

These use illustrated characters to represent your brand, much like brand ambassadors. Often cartoonish, they can appeal to families and younger audiences; think KFC’s Colonel or the Monopoly man. One huge benefit of using a mascot mark is that it encourages customer interaction, so it’s a good tool for social media and marketing events - you can get a selfie with them!


This is a stylised text logo that spells out the brand name in a characteristic typeface. Wordmarks are perfect for short and unique names. Using this type of logo sidesteps the issue of recognition when it comes to looking for a unique symbol. Ebay’s logo is a great example of this, as the name itself is catchy and memorable, so when combined with strong typography and colours, the logo helps create powerful brand recognition.


A lettermark is a unique design using one or more letterforms that represent the company name, usually the brand initials. They’re great for long or multi-word names and can act as a visual shortcut. A great example of this is the BBC logo, how much easier is it to say BBC than British Broadcasting Corporation?

Combination mark

A combination mark is a logo consisting of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot. As the name of the brand is associated with an image, it is a flexible choice, with both the text and icon/mascot working together to reinforce your brand. As a brand becomes more recognised, the text can be dropped from the logo and just the icon/image can be used to produce an abstract or pictorial mark. A good example of a combination mark is Lacoste.


This is a type of logo where the company name is connected to a pictorial element. The font sits inside a symbol or icon - think of embroidered patches, crests or badges. Emblem logos usually symbolise quality, reliability and longevity. This type of logo is very popular within the auto industry and a great example is Harley Davidson.

Though this type of logo visually works nicely, they’re not the most practical. With higher amounts of detail, they are less versatile, especially when shrunk down for things such as business cards or work clothes.

Pictorial mark

The Apple logo is the best example of this. It’s a literal image that has been simplified and stylised, making them immediately recognisable - you can picture the company name just by looking at the mark. When considering using this type of logo for your brand, it’s important to get the image right. This will be something that sticks with your company, so what message do you want to give? Does the image represent a deeper meaning, play on your brand name or evoke an emotion?

So, what about the Adtrak logo?

A wordmark logo works perfectly for our brand, which has a short, snappy and unique name. We’re able to establish a consistent look for everything from internal presentations to exhibition stands and marketing material (both online and offline).


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