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It's Time To Pivot - Advanced Adwords Analysis

Analysing PPC Data can be both time consuming and mind boggling using the Adwords interface. Why not take that information and filter down to exactly what you need? Sounds like a job for Pivot Tables using Microsoft Excel!

What Is A Pivot Table?

A Pivot Table is a table in Excel that can be used to display large amounts of data, giving you the freedom to include/exclude any fields that you see fit. Personally, I find Pivot Tables useful for checking on the quality score of keywords, so that you can make adjustments to keywords.

Creating A Pivot Table?

In order to create a Pivot Table that depicts keyword quality scores, we’re going to need to run a keyword report. Considering Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, let’s take a look at a Florist campaign.

Open the report in Excel and select all of the data; this can be done by clicking the button in the top left corner.

In Excel, click on the Insert tab and select the Pivot Table button

*Before Excel 2007 Pivot Tables were located in the Data tab.

Click OK on the Create Pivot Table pop up window.

On the right hand side of the table is the Pivot Table builder; this is where you can create the foundations of your report.

I’ve added adgroups and keywords to the Row Labels, as I would like the keywords to be organised around adgroups. The other fields can then be put into the values field. Straight away it’s easy to identify keywords with a low quality score.

It has to be said that account structure is vital here! It makes reviewing data so much easier.  Ideally, the keywords and adgroups should be as tightly themed as possible; this will also allow you to see any opportunities to put high scoring keywords into their own adgroup.

Split Testing Ads?

Pivot Tables are a great way to ascertain which of your split tested ads are performing. Unsure whether keyword insertion or certain unique selling points are working? Pivot Tables provide a quick and easy overview to help view patterns amongst the ads.


In short, Pivot Tables provide a quick and easy way to view the whole of a campaign, or specific areas, to show which parts of your account need work – especially when taking over an account that you have not set up, or if the account has grown in size.

Next time you come to review your Adwords account, give it a try!


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