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Meet the Team! - Andy Norton

We’re a close-knit team of ambitious marketers and strategic creatives. Today, we’d like you to meet Andy Norton, a Senior Paid Marketer, determined hard-worker and all round nice guy!

So you’re a Senior Paid Marketing Consultant. What does this mean and what’s your role within your team?

I guess this means that I am one of the go-to people in our paid marketing team – for any queries and questions around paid marketing activities and giving my advice to those that need it (or want to hear it!)

When it comes to our team, I am genuinely just there for anyone that needs support with client work and provide my knowledge on the ever-changing world of PPC. Most importantly I make sure that the Wheel of Fortdoom gets a spin on a Friday.

What are some of the tasks you complete on a daily basis?

  • Client communication (whether that’s by email, over the phone or face to face). This includes: how the account is performing and recommendations to further enhance their PPC campaigns
  • Analysis of PPC accounts, this depends on current workflows and campaigns that are running
  • Trying to avoid eating the whole of the food pile we have in our team
  • Ensuring Billy takes something out of the food pile that we have in our team
  • Winning at the office pool table
  • Ensuring that projects that I am leading are running smoothly and all individuals involved are in the know.

And what about regular, monthly tasks?

  • Organising and managing monthly team meetings internally
  • Working alongside the Head of Paid to ensure we have a training programme in place for everyone else in our team 
  • Hold review meetings with clients to run over previous months work and what’s happening moving forward.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

(Aside from ensuring George Musson doesn’t lose his belongings?)

Keeping on top of all the changes that are happening in the PPC world. There is so much change all the time, which requires a lot of time; researching/reading and testing on accounts. Fortunately, we have a great team of PPCers here at Adtrak who are all keeping on top of the PPC world and with our weekly pulse meetings we are all kept up to speed with what is going on. 

And what would you say is the most rewarding?

(Aside from helping George Musson find his belongings?)

It’s two-fold. Internally, I enjoy supporting others around the company to solve problems and achieve goals. Externally, I love being able to see the work that I do impact a company in a positive way – happy client = happy Andy.

What do you enjoy most about working for Adtrak?

Adtrak’s office environment, culture and working with creative people that are all striving to support client goals. I’ve not worked in an environment like it before and it does make it a lot easier to get up on those Monday mornings. 

Finally, when you’re not in the office, what is your ideal weekend?

I usually like to ruin a good walk on a Saturday morning and play golf. 

Continuing the ideal weekend is to go up to the Peak District with my girlfriend (Lauren) and go on long walks around the green panoramic views (avoiding the cows) and finding a pub to have a hearty meal and drink in.

And time permitting, I love to go and watch my brother (Tom) play ice hockey with the mum (Gill) – as he plays semi-professional for the Peterborough Phantoms. 


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