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How to Verify a Google Business Profile: A Guide for Business Owners

A Google Business Profile is a free feature that appears in Google Search results and Google Maps, providing users with business information. It can be an effective method for businesses of all sizes to advertise themselves to the public, regardless of whether they have a website or not.

From time to time, Google will require the owner of the Google Business Profile to verify the listing to ensure that the business profile is accurate and legitimate.

Why do I need to verify my Google Business Profile?

If you’ve just created a Google Business Profile, you need to prove that the business is an actual business and is owned by the rightful person to prevent scammers from taking advantage of the system. 

Occasionally, Google may ask you to re-verify your existing Google Business Profile. This can occur if you have updated core details such as your business address or name.

How to verify your Google Business Profile

Google offers business owners a range of methods to verify the Google Business Profile. Some are straightforward, whereas others require more steps.

In this section, we will break down the various verification methods that business owners can expect when verifying or re-verifying their business profile(s).

Verifying your profile by phone

For the phone call verification method, Google will call a phone number which is associated with the business. 

A robotic voice will then call the number and will read out a six-digit number which you will need to input to verify ownership, so it’s important to have pen and paper ready. 

It’s important to be aware that if your calls are initially answered and handled by a telecoms system you may struggle with this verification method due to the code being read out before the call is diverted to a person.

Text / SMS Verification

If you use a mobile phone, Google will text a six-digit pin to the device. Once you receive the pin simply input the pin to verify ownership of the profile to confirm that you are the business owner.

Email Verification

Email verification is when Google sends the verification code via email, but only to an email address that shares the same URL as the website. 

For example, if the website had the URL www.example.co.uk, the email address would need to be john@example.co.uk

Google will not accept @gmail.com addresses as they are not considered legitimate enough for verification as anyone can create a Gmail account.

Postcard / Mail Verification

Postcard verification is where Google sends a postcard to the business address that will be used for the Google Business Profile. 

The postcard includes a short code which is used for this verification method.

Once you receive the postcard with the code, you simply need to go back to the Google account you claimed the business profile with and input the code.

Video Verification 

Video verification is one of the more complicated verification methods as it requires some preparation beforehand as the video needs to be one continuous unedited recording. 

As per Google’s video verification requirements, you will need to display the location of your business in the video which can be done by capturing street signs, property numbers and the area around your business to show that your business is where it says it is on Google Maps.

For businesses that are service providers that do not need to display a physical location, you should record items related to your business such as your equipment, anything that is branded, or tools used to serve customers.

For Businesses with a physical location, the person verifying should record the shop front, the interior of the property and anything that includes business signage. 

WARNING: Do not include any information that is deemed sensitive, whether this be bank statements, information that could identify customers, people's faces or any other private information.

Recording & Uploading the Video

To record the video, you will need to go to your Google Business Profile. If you have started the video verification process on your computer, Google will supply a QR code which can be scanned on your mobile device.

Next, you will be given the option to record the video. Once you have recorded the video and followed Google’s guidelines, you can then upload the video.

Once the video is uploaded, Google reviews the video which can take roughly five business days. Google will then send you a notification once the video verification has been approved or if it has been declined.

Live Video Calls

A live video call is where you prove that the business is legitimate by having a live video call with a Google representative. There are a few steps that are required for this form of verification.

The first step that you need to do for a live video call is to prepare. Google requests that your mobile phone or tablet join the video call, so ensure that you are connected to Wifi or mobile data with a stable connection.

During the live video call, you need to confirm you are at the business address, this can be done by displaying any outdoor signs, including road signs, property numbers and exterior signage. 

Secondly, show any business equipment, this can include anything that you sell, machinery that is used, or anything that displays your business correctly. 

Finally, show that you manage the business! Provide proof of management by opening up the property using your keys and entering areas where customers are not allowed.

Why not let Adtrak do the verifying for you?

At Adtrak, when it comes to verification of our clients Google Business Profile, we aim to prioritise the most efficient methods of verification to help minimise any disruption to the client.

Furthermore, we specialise in performing a range of digital marketing services for businesses in a variety of industries to improve their digital footprint to help generate traffic and leads.

As a company, we also provide local SEO services to help businesses maximise their local search presence to help generate leads and traffic and to get ahead of local competition.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have an in-depth understanding of Google Ads and organic search optimisation. This includes ongoing management of Google Business Profiles and ensuring that all profiles are fully verified and optimised to the highest Google standards.

Based in Nottingham, we are a dedicated design, marketing and brand agency who have been serving businesses in a range of industries across the UK for over 25 years.

So if you are interested in making the most out of your Google Business Profile or using internet marketing to release your company’s online potential, then get in touch with the Adtrak team today.

In Summary

Although some verification methods can seem tedious or long-winded, it’s certainly worth it for the benefits of a valid Google Business Profile.

Whether you are interested in driving traffic to your website, generating leads, brand awareness or providing updates - a Google Business Profile is a fantastic starting point.

If you are interested in improving your company’s SEO and growing traffic and leads to your website, contact Adtrak today.


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