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Google Analytics Transition From Universal Analytics to GA4

From July 1st, Google will stop tracking website data in Google Analytics using ‘Universal Analytics’ technology and will only allow website owners to use Google Analytics 4 technology.

Below, we have created a FAQ for our clients

GA4 - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics?

GA4 is the next iteration of Analytics. GA4 is set to improve over Universal Analytics with cross-platform tracking (web+apps), event-based data and privacy focused design.

Why are Google doing this?

Google wants to introduce more modern tools to help marketers track customer data more effectively, using their next generation of technology.

Will my Google Analytics data differ after the change ?

Yes, it is likely. Your historical data won't change but moving forward GA4 uses a different data collection method, meaning data will not be like for like. Google suggests the newer technology benefits from being more accurate.

Will Adtrak’s reports be the same format?

Yes, we will continue to use the same reporting system that our clients are familiar with.

As previously stated though, the way Google Analytics 4 tracks data means that there will be discrepancies in statistics were we to compare like for like.

Do I have to do anything?

No, if you’re an ongoing Adtrak client then this is handled for you in advance of the July switchover. This work is covered as part of our ongoing digital marketing service to you. Your website will continue to function as normal and data will continue to track for performance reporting. 


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