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Experiencing Life at Adtrak

Last week Adtrak were very excited to welcome our very first work experience student – Amelia.

We were really keen to give her a good all round experience of life at an office as unique as ours, so over 5 days she spent time with every department – from learning how we create and market websites, to finding out how our admin department keep the entire company running smoothly.

The majority of her time was spent with our photographer, Simon, who seemed to spark a real interest for creating the perfect photograph!

Here’s what Amelia had to say about her time with our team…

My week of work experience at Adtrak has been extremely valuable to me and I have learned a great deal about the time and effort that is put into building a website. I have discovered that the websites we so simply click on and read through, are actually constructed by a very technical, artistic and almost quite mathematical process. This helps to ensure the websites appear very professional (just like Adtrak!).

Over the past week, I have visited many of the different areas of designing a website. First I learnt about blogging and web design and had a go at using the complicated Photoshop programme to create a website. The job of a web designer is creative and incredibly dynamic. The designer has to adjust to the target audience and make the website look appealing to the target audience.

Working as a blogger seemed to be a constantly moving task as they have the continuous job of creating blogs which engage with social media, making sure they get an optimum number of views.

I also worked with the PPC team on improving the fashion website ‘Missy Empire,’ which I really enjoyed, as I am very interested in the world of fashion. I created Ads to advertise the website, which was great as I was able to use images and study a fashion website. I also learned how to link keywords to google so that the website would reach the top of a Google search, which, as I also discovered throughout the week, is one of the main aims at Adtrak.

I really enjoyed my time spent doing photography, I discovered the art of air brushing photographs and the complexity of angling the perfect shot, which uses a lot of time and different equipment. I also had a go at taking a portrait photograph of one of the new members of staff.  I would definitely like to develop a further interest in photography. 

I experienced the essential aspects of the business which keep it running as smoothly as it does, including the organisation of everything and collecting the money from clients – which Sam patiently puts a lot of effort into.

Thanks to everyone at Adtrak for making me feel so welcome and providing me with such a varied and interesting week of work experience!

We’d like to thank Amelia for choosing to spend her work experience with us and wish her the best of luck for her upcoming exams – we’re sure she’ll do great!


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