What Effects Will Artificial Intelligence Have On Copywriting?

2nd August 2018

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With autonomous transportation, cognitive surgical robots and machine-learning devices which can sift through mountains of data in just seconds, it’s safe to say that AI is already integral to the global workforce.

But what about us writers? It’s easy to think – and many of us do – that copywriters needn’t worry about AI. There’s something intrinsically and irreplaceably human about what we do, or so we’ll tell you, and no expensive piece of tech can touch this.

Unfortunately for us copywriters wrought of mere flesh and bone – it can. Machine-learning AI copywriters are already a thing, the question is this: just how much can they do?

Let’s find out.

AI content spinners

The demands on copywriters are increasing. In order to compete for a good spot on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you need content that’s unique, good quality and frequent. This, as we all know, means more time and more money.

AI has the answer. Using algorithms and data points, AI content spinners can draw on thousands of resources from around the web to create articles and web pages at staggering speed, bypassing Google penalties for duplicate content, too.

AI content generation

This is where it gets interesting. Thanks to the role of AI in the field of natural language processing, cognitive content generation is becoming more and more refined. What is cognitive content generation, I hear you ask? Put as simply as possible, machine-learning algorithms can now identify, interpret and understand emotion and, scarier, mine this information to create emotionally-charged marketing copy.

Let’s take a look at a real-world example. Persado, an AI-generated language system which has been described as “a data scientist and a copywriter for each person in your audience”, claims to know the precise combination of words, phrases, and images needed to inspire any given audience to act, every time.

What’s more, Persado runs on the world’s largest database of curated and tagged emotional and motivational language, scored against consumer response data from over 40 billion impressions.

80 of the world’s top brands are already using Persado’s cognitive content for numerous different marketing campaigns, some of which you might have seen on Facebook or on an email without even knowing.

Worried yet?

What does this mean for copywriters?

Eventually, computers will become better marketers than you, I or anyone else – but we still have a long way to go until then; Persado’s great, clearly, but it’s not going to take your job just yet.

The bottom line is this: clients want results – whether you’re a human or a robot is immaterial. So, as long as you keep getting those results, those leads, those customers – then you, human copywriter, will still get paid.

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