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Spending time to create specific seasonal campaigns, for days such as Father’s day, you will see an increase in the performance of your pay per click campaigns. Whether you run a gift shop, clothing store or florists, seasonal campaigns can significantly help make those extra sales.

Targeting Your Ads to Upcoming Events

Days such as Father’s day, Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day all provide an increase of searches and, if relevant to your business, can lead to a growth in sales. So why not spend a little bit of time and create some targeted campaigns for Father’s Day? I recommend creating a new specific campaign with related adgroups, adverts and keywords.

As you would expect, there are significant peaks in Google search volumes for the usual Father’s Day related products and gifts that people search for, including flowers, restaurant bookings, aftershave and t-shirts.

The image below shows the search volume for ‘Father’s Day’ Notice the increase in early May? This is when people start searching for gift ideas.

Equally, note how businesses have spent the time and effort to set up specific Father’s Day campaigns and ad groups, including Father’s Day keywords and relevant ad copy. These have started to appear in May to capture the early searchers.

Be Prepared

By spending that little extra time to tidy up your campaigns and create new seasonally-targeted promotions, rather than just increasing daily budgets on your existing campaigns, you should see an increase in the performance, quality of traffic, conversions and, therefore, return on investment (ROI).

Seasonal marketing can be extremely competitive. I recommend that the ad copy must be top quality in order to stand out on the results page and get the searcher’s attention and clicks. In fact, the better your ad copy, the better your quality score and this can lead to a cheaper cost per click (CPC).

So why not make those extra sales by using pay per click advertising this Father’s Day? Always aim to get your specific campaigns up and running before it’s too late, and enjoy making a nice bonus this Father’s Day!

Posted 06/06/2012

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