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Melodramatic it may be, but hurrah! PDF exports of your Analytics dashboards have finally arrived in the new version, Analytics 5.

A frequent request on the forums for the past few months, users can now export and email their latest website data. It’s pretty simple fare, and the click process is no different to how we exported previously in Analytics 4.

Be warned though!

The PDF export version has been released under the beta moniker meaning there’s still room for improvement. We found this out on our first attempt using it – the export literally gives you a PDF print out of what you seen on screen. In “old” Analytics, you would get an entire dashboard report normally in the region of 8 – 10 pages.

For Better or For Worst?

This could be classed as a good or bad thing – you may only want to provide specific information for your clients’, alternatively, the expectation of old may leave your sales team and data analysts a little disappointed from the lack of info they receive.

Admittedly Analytics 5 brought easier access to customised reporting, allowing you to create your own suite of personalised reports. This again is another critiqued aspect of new Analytics. Forumites have been repeatedly asking for the ability to apply custom reports  across their range of accounts / profiles, without manually setting up each time.

Still, as this is in BETA expect it to improve over time – Gmail was in BETA for 5 years! Equally, you can still opt to view everything under Analytics 4, although I will admit, a click on there feels like a trip back in time, web design wise.

Posted 22/03/2012

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