tamatanga describes itself as an "urban Indian canteen," so their extensive rebrand, incorporating everything from the menus to the decor, needed to reflect their unique style.


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The Challenge

The brief was simple in nature, but complex in execution: Take a company that is firmly established in Nottingham with a strong 18-35 demographic, and freshen things up somewhat for the first time in years whilst being respectful of the work that has gone before it.

That's not such an unusual brief, but what made it taxing was the sheer number of things that needed to be brought under one cohesive design across both print and digital. It required a huge amount of foresight and planning.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies
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The Look

One of the main problems during the build concerned the use of large typographic elements. Due to the website being responsive, we needed to maintain a strong standard of typographic styles, regardless of device.

James Dunkley

James Dunkley

Eventually we settled on a combination of SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) and a jQuery plugin called FitText, which controls the size of the text dependant on browser width. This gave a lot more room for precision when it came to font sizing, ensuring that all elements throughout the site looked great on all platforms.

Tamatanga menu
Tamatanga branding


The original logo was in many ways fantastic, full of beautiful detail. However, it was this detail that made it hard to use at business card size. So we took the core of the old logo, stripped out all of the rest and built a simple mark that could be used at any size, all the way down to Twitter feeds.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies

The new branding was all about striking the right balance between rich detail and beautiful simplicity, whether print or online. This isn’t some local balti house with with the red and gold trappings you see up and down the country; this is something more urban, more youthful; less about the days of the Raj and more about modern Indian cuisine in the 21st century.


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Mobile phones are often the first port of call when browsing for a place to eat while out and about, and a site that doesn't perform on this platform is near enough useless.

James Dunkley

James Dunkley

The site was to be fully responsive, and reflect the unique nature of the restaurant, while the branding challenge incorporated everything from the menus to the decor.

Tamatanga logo
Tamatanga website on various devices


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The Results

Since the rebrand of the canteen and the launch of the new site, tamatanga have experienced record profits, as well as some fantastic customer feedback. And, despite a huge increase in unique dining locations opening in Nottingham’s busy city centre over the last 18 months, they’ve become firmly entrenched as a ‘go-to’ location in the heart of the city.

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