Sophie Michell

Sophie Michell is one of London’s youngest executive chefs, an accomplished author of cookery books, a motivational speaker, TV presenter and a successful restaurateur.


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The Challenge

Sophie  came to Adtrak because she wanted a new website that she could use as her own personal hub, to showcase her recipes and engage with her audience, whilst representing her fresh and youthful style.


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The Identity

We began by creating her brand. Sophie didn’t have an existing online identity, so we were able to start with a clean slate. It was clear that she would be going into the higher end of the market, and so the identity needed to get that across, whilst also being quite personal.

We didn’t want the logo to be too ‘fancy’ – a lot of higher end designs tends to be minimal – but we did want to make sure that the brand had character as well. We ended up developing not just a logo, but also a complementing pattern that could be combined with the logo for a stronger impact.

We used humanist sans serif typography to get the more personal feel over, but we deliberately chose one that had strong geometric leanings which are more associated with straight, high-end brands.

In terms of the pattern, we knew that Sophie had a love of geometry and art deco, so we developed some deco patterns with a modern twist and combined them into bands that draw the eye.

Due to the amount of different applications for the new logo and pattern, we developed three separate versions: her main one, another for use in smaller spaces, and one on a black, diamond background which would allow her to gain a higher level of impact in environments such as retail shelves.


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The Development

As a content-driven site, we incorporated a CMS that allows Sophie to manage all of the content on the site herself. The CMS had to be simple to use, so we chose a WordPress platform that would make it quick and easy for Sophie to add new content to all of the pages.

One of Sophie’s priorities for the site was that she could use it to engage with her audience. To do this we incorporated a simple data capture facility, which would allow her site visitors to leave contact details and stay up-to-date with Sophie’s recipes, events, news and offers.


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The Result

The finished site is clean and simple, with a fresh and youthful feel. It is as social as it is functional, with Sophie’s Instagram and Twitter feeds pulled in automatically and a combination of journal entries, recipes and book reviews, alongside information about her ongoing work as a restaurateur, caterer and public speaker.

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