Rollerdor are one of the UK's leading suppliers of roller garage doors. They have benefited from fantastic result since the implementation of Adtrak's services.


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The challenge

Rollerdor came to Adtrak in the middle of 2014 with a seemingly simple request: ‘help us grow our business’. Well, this is exactly what we do (it’s almost our mission statement word for word) so we were confident that we had the skills, techniques and experience necessary to deliver what they were asking.
Firstly, we assessed their current website. Poorly constructed and with almost no organic presence, the initial task involved us building them a new one. They also moved their PPC across to us with immediate effect, which helped achieve positive and continued growth from the very beginning.

“I have been working with Adtrak now for a couple of years and from the first meeting with Xavier they have been professional and understanding of what my business is looking for. They have helped us to to enhance our share of the roller garage door market and achieve our goals and I look forward to carrying on our relationship long into the future.” - Colin Browne, Rollerdor


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An organic approach

The initial optimisation of the site was completed in December 2014. At the time, this involved targeting their local area only. A successful combination of onsite optimisation, a regularly updated blog, an increase in citations and visibility across the web and the creation of a Google Business page all meant that Rollerdor were ranking well within their local area. As a result, in September 2015, Rollerdor decided to expand their business and target the UK as a whole.


Rollerdor are now an organic success story! Of the 20 keywords we track, 13 are in positions 1-3. They rank in first place nationally for a number of important keywords, including “electric roller garage doors” and are also in the top 5 for a variety of less specific, highly competitive, search terms, including “garage doors UK”.


All of this has led to a significant rise in visitors to the website, as well as the number of people who are then converting (calling, emailing, requesting a quote or completing their purchase via Rollerdor’s eBay store).

Paid marketing

In October 2015, we implemented Adtrak Insight, an innovative call tracking software which enables you to track down to keyword level. Using the data this provides, we have been able to execute more effective bid management and, as a result, minimise PPC spend wastage.
The Click-Through Rate has increased from 4.7% to 6.8%, meaning the keyword and ad copy relationship is increasing in relevance to the target audience. Similarly, by focusing on the most profitable areas of their ad budget, we have been able to reduce the Cost per Conversion by 45%, whilst also increasing leads by 180%.


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The results

Rollerdor have witnessed impressive results since the implementation of Adtrak’s services. Previously a website with incredibly low organic traffic, 73% of their visitors now come from organic sources. An additional 16% comes via their paid marketing channels.


The number of visitors to the Roller website has hugely increased. From November 2014 to February 2016, for example, there was a massive 310% increase in traffic to the website.


Similarly, conversions have increased by an astonishing  925% in the same period.



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A future strategy

We aim to produce long-term results and help our clients receive sustainable, profitable growth. As such, we have performed a thorough rebrand of Rollerdor, in line with their future business strategy. The rebrand has included the development of all their marketing literature, including brochures and installation and instruction manuals, as well as the design of their commercial vans.   We are also working on a new website to capitalise on the increasing amount of mobile traffic they are experiencing. It will also facilitate the growing demand of customers wanting to complete their entire transaction online. In addition, the implementation of Adtrak Engage, innovative software which records how users interact with a site, gives us greater insight into how customers use the Rollerdor website. Therefore, we can now make future decisions based on real, actionable date and should be able to increase conversions even further.

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