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R&J Landscapes specialise in garden landscaping, driveway and paving services. Since we built and optimised their website, conversions have increased by 40%.


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The challenge

Originally operating almost solely through Yell and the yellow pages, R&J Landscapes came to Adtrak with the aim of developing the business and attracting more clients in their local area via a professionally designed, fully optimised website.

With the existing website barely operating, we had the freedom to design the perfect site for the company’s needs, but also faced the pressure of growing it organically from scratch. This task was tackled with a keyword optimised site, a great design, complemented with fresh content updated on a monthly basis.


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The site was optimised to target the local areas R&J Landscapes operate in, with a large focus on their local  areas. This has helped to increase the sites rankings in these areas significantly, with 17 out of the 40 keyword search terms we track now placed in the top five positions, a number that increases every month.

The addition of a regularly updated blog, customer testimonials and targeted coverage areas has led to a huge increase in visitor numbers and conversion rates, with conversions increasing by 40% since 2014.


The website was designed to reflect what R&J Landscapes do best; clean, green landscaping services with a focus on beautiful aesthetics. We used a combination of high quality photography and informative copy to convey the efficient, wide-ranging services the client provide, favouring black and green as the primary colours for the website as a natural complement to the green services provided by the gardening and landscaping company.


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The results

The growth of R&J Landscapes’ online presence has been a huge success. Since taking the client on in December 2014, visitor numbers to the site have grown by a huge 99%, with the company receiving over 800 enquiries from their website alone. This substantial growth has allowed the company to secure itself as a leader in landscaping and gardening services within their local area.


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What the client says...

"Thank you for all your help with our website. Since Adtrak have been working with our company, we have seen our business benefit from increased enquiries and sales. We are very pleased with the design and advice we get, which is tailored to meet our own business requirements. It's really helpful having you on hand to help and advise us to ensure our business stays ahead of the competition". - R&J Landscapes


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