Le Bistrot Pierre

Capturing French culture and love of fine food, Le Bistrot Pierre entertains visitors from across England and Wales at their popular chain of French restaurants.


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The Challenge

A team from Adtrak met with the head office of Le Bistrot in early 2014 to discuss their desire to have an online marketing strategy that reflected their rapidly growing business.

Without an existing SEO or PPC strategy in place, they wanted us to focus on expanding their online reach through digital avenues and encourage more bookings through their new website for the 11 restaurants they operate in the UK.



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The Marketing

Le Bistrot Pierre’s brand encompassed a strong offline marketing strategy that needed recreating online. The nature of the restaurant industry meant that we were dealing with a highly competitive sector with the added challenge that their restaurants situated within well populated cities and towns across the country.

The PPC and SEO campaigns needed to start from scratch with the launch of their new website, and we had to work alongside other teams within the company (such as press, marketing and development) to ensure that their online strategy lined up with their other marketing avenues.


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The Solution

We worked closely with the client through monthly face-to-face meetings that kept both parties connected with the marketing strategies and goals. These also focused on in-depth reporting and analysis of the website’s performance and advertising campaigns. Part of this reporting involved segmenting the bookings that each restaurant received via the website’s integrated online booking system and unique trackable phone numbers for paid adverts.

To compete with the highly competitive keywords organically, we targeted each individual restaurant with local optimisation. This was the foundation from which more authority was pushed to the website, whilst providing online brand management to support the restaurant’s brand values and find new opportunities to promote the restaurants.
The newer restaurants were supported with PPC marketing campaigns to target the relevant industry keywords. Seasonal campaigns for yearly events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, helped to set the account up for a structured year on year strategy.


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The Result

Thanks to the internet marketing campaigns, the majority of their restaurants are now competing on the first page organically on Google for their highly competitive restaurant-based keywords. This has led to an increase in total online booking forms - between 20 - 64% per month for each restaurant - in comparison to when the new website went live in 2014. Le Bistrot Pierre have now expanded to 13 restaurants with the opening of their Torquay & Bath restaurants, and there are plans to open a further two in Birmingham & Newport by 2016. The future goals are to recreate the success of their existing campaigns with all of their new restaurants and to continue building Le Bistrot Pierre’s brand online, with a proposed 2016 Display Network campaign to further advance their Paid Marketing avenues.

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