JHPR is an award-winning boutique PR agency, founded by Jessica Huie MBE. They represent a huge variety of clients, creating strategic campaigns and events that propel them into the public eye.


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The Challenge

JHPR came to Adtrak with an existing site, brand and logo, but the overall feel of their presence was slightly dense and didn’t reflect the personal service provided by the team. Jessica was keen to be presented in a more energetic and professional light that would appeal to her more high-end clients.


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The Look

JHPR’s new website has been very much refined with a streamlined site map and a completely refreshed feel. We incorporated more interest with colour, but kept the soft palette and emphasis on personalised photography that reflects JHPR’s approachable yet professional personality.


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The Development

As with all content-driven sites, JHPR was developed to ensure that it could be easily and immediately updated.

It is used not just as a display of their work and clients, but also to market upcoming events, so each area had to be built in a way that allowed new content to be added regularly and easily.


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The Result

As a result, the site is more edgy and professional; clean and easy to navigate.  It allows JHPR complete control over the site’s content, with instant updates that display recent work and advertise upcoming events.

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