Das Kino

When an exciting new bar opened in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, Adtrak’s graphics department proved the ideal partners when it came to developing the evocative branding required.


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The Challenge

Thematically, Das Kino references the iconic German cinema house era (with a bit of ping-pong thrown in). Our involvement with this interesting combination included creating designs not only for the logo, but also for newspaper adverts, flyers, event invites, menus, interior artwork and even the window panelling.

We were invited on board with this project at a very early stage. Indeed; when we visited the venue for the first time, it was still under construction. Das Kino themselves explained that they would be applying an intentional ‘half-finished’ look to the final decor, and it was this concept that we used as initial inspiration for the preliminary logo designs.


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The Look

Using a worn-out ‘stamp’ design, the finished logo reflects the rough-around-the-edges feel of the bar, using rusted lettering and layered, distressed imagery.

It was essential that the website followed this careful branding, whilst keeping the theme modern, lively, and appealing to the very specific target demographic.

For a venue like this, the target audience is unlikely to spend a long time reading content, they are much more likely to get a feel for the atmosphere of the bar based on the visual impact, so it was important we instigated the right emotive response with imagery.



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The Design

Our development team are part of Das Kino’s target audience, so they were able to put themselves in the shoes of the end user, and develop a site that would work well for all of the goals. This was no easy task, considering the number of services offered by Das Kino; the bar, a food menu and a ping pong table booking facility, plus all of the seasonal offers – so the website design had to carefully balance each aspect.
We created a content management system for the events and offers pages, allowing the team at Das Kino to update the site in real time. The finished site was a result of careful collaboration with the guys at Das Kino. We worked closely with them throughout the project, and they were there to put the final touches to the content.


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The Result

The tone of the content, the selling points and the imagery all combine to communicate on the right level, with prominence given to functional elements, such as the opening times and the address and the main call-to-action promoting the unique ping pong tables. Since going live, the site has shown a low bounce rate, and this, together with their active social media, demonstrates that users are engaging with the site exactly as we hoped they would. The client was over the moon with the end result, and it opened the door for us to take on similar projects, as well as to continue working with the guys at Das Kino as they expand their successful venture.

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