Chalk is an award-winning bar and grill restaurant in Manchester that sits in the higher end of the market.


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The Challenge

When Chalk came to us, they were on the verge of opening their second restaurant, and with it they wanted a refresh of their current branding to liven it up, whilst remaining firmly high end.


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The Branding

We took inspiration from their existing restaurant interior, and found that a striking yellow wall they had would give us the perfect colour to utilise throughout the whole brand. It meant that exterior advertising hoardings could utilise this yellow to make for a bolder message, whilst being used more considerately on the interior, so that it didn’t produce a gaudy environment for diners. It also meant that it gave the brand a fresh lease of life, without moving away from the existing brand too much.

They had, until now, used a variation of bland, grey tones which were proving to be problematic and inconsistent in their print-based advertising. We altered the grey to be a darker, bluer hue which matched perfectly with the yellow and was easier to keep consistent in print.


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The Design

In the refreshed branding style we created new menus, A-boards, internal signage, coffee cup holders, loyalty cards, business cards and stationary, internal signage and window graphics, creating a strong visual cohesion.


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The Result

The brand refresh has elevated the profile of the restaurant, with a unique and vibrant look & feel that demands attention, yet is still recognisable to customers familiar with the Chalk brand.

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