Castlegate were already a successful company, but their image required a pretty major facelift in order to compete, both regionally and nationally.


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The Challenge

Castlegate were in a position that we’ve become very familiar with; they had built up a great reputation over the past 2 decades, but were looking a little ‘old’ in comparison to some of their competitors.

The internet has been a great boon for local and regional businesses as it gives them a more level playing field with larger national companies in terms of reaching out to potential customers. However, it has also increased what customers demand of smaller businesses in terms of how they present themselves. People expect a more professional look regardless of the size of the company as this builds consumer confidence.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies
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The Design

We developed a pattern and layout scheme to get that new vibrancy over, switching from the original gold-and-black colours to one featuring many shades of green and yellow, which not only looks more modern, but also stands out really well on the street signs.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies

With the rebrand, it was important to maintain consistency on both online and offline products. So the design of their signs, which is a key focal point outside of their properties, had to be just as carefully considered as the graphics on the website.

Castlegate Letting Sign


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The Logo

We ended up creating a logo that had a level of classic simplicity, but with a very modern take. We amalgamated a portcullis and house to produce a simple, memorable icon, and combined that with a modern sans-serif typeface that had a bold quality, which again would work well on the property signs.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies

The icon was simple enough to maintain it’s look at a variety of sizes, but detailed enough to keep a good level of interest in the viewer.


Castlegate Logo Design
Castlegate Logo


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The Result

The combination of the logo, colours and pattern has created an identity that’s really backed up Castlegate’s already great customer service and interaction, helping their premises to look more inviting as well as improving their web presence and making sure that they continue to stand out in their marketplace

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