Band Aid 30

As projects go, creating both the branding and the website for the recent Band Aid 30 charity initiative easily ranks among the most high profile to come through our doors.


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The Challenge

A challenge of this scale would be difficult enough at the best of times, but we were immediately thrown another curveball in the form of the timescale for the project: two weeks between hearing about it for the first time and the projected live date for the site.


Understandably, we were not entirely used to having to create a website on the fly with no pre-existing branding, content or specified USPs. At this point, we weren’t even sure of the confirmed list of artists that had signed on to be involved in the Band Aid 30 project, so getting the initial holding site created was no walk in the park.

Moo Randev

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The logos, the look, the feel are EXACTLY what we needed. Amazing stuff. How the hell you pulled this off is beyond me.

Bob Geldof


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In fact, constant communication with a number of organisations involved in the project (Bob Geldof and The Band Aid Trust, Google, BBC, Universal Music, Virgin EMI and many more), was a major feature of the process of getting the website live. With so many parties requesting input, we had to be extra flexible throughout, with last minute design changes becoming the norm right up to the 11th hour.

Moo Randev

Once it was up and running however, a new challenge immediately presented itself: finding somewhere to host a site that would potentially be seeing huge visitor numbers. This meant working closely with Google in California in order to create a hosting platform that was up to the task. With big spikes in traffic – particularly after the announcement of the address live on The X Factor – it was crucial that sufficient hosting capabilities were made a priority early on.


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As with the site creation, the finalisation of the logo involved a lot of back-and-forth with those acting on behalf of the Band Aid Trust, with similar accommodation for last minute decision changes required.

Moo Randev

Creating a logo that would be seen around the world with just a 36 hour turnaround time is no easy task. The Adtrak graphic design team submitted several ideas, with the chosen logo used across all news networks (as well as being projected onto the Houses of Parliament).

Band Aid 30 Logo


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The success of both the branding and the website was evident in the reaction from the Band Aid Trust themselves, most notably Bob Geldof, who explained that “the logos, the look, the feel are EXACTLY what we needed. Amazing stuff. How the hell you pulled this off is beyond me.”

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