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Attic & Loft Company are a specialist supplier and installer of loft ladders, flooring and loft storage rooms. Since implementing a PPC strategy, we have increased conversions by 41%, reduced CPA by 40% and decreased costs by 16%.


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The challenge

Attic & Loft Company, one of the UK’s leading loft room providers, came to Adtrak in March 2015 with a problem we’ve seen many times before: their paid marketing costs were high, but their resulting sales figures were relatively low.

Our team of PPC experts, led by Senior Paid Marketing Consultant Nathan O’Connor, worked with the client to ascertain their main goals and problem areas, setting three key objectives as a result.

-Increase conversions

-Reduce Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

-Reduce costs


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The strategy

We merged the client’s goals with Adtrak’s PPC strategy in order to try and reduce how much each lead was costing them. Using call tracking software, Google Analytics and AdWords, we were able to determine more about their account, including the areas which were converting successfully and those that weren’t. We then used this data to implement a bid strategy which focused on maximising conversions on high performing keywords and reducing the Cost per Click (CPC) on the keywords less likely to convert.

Following the implementation of the PPC strategy, we were able to achieve the the initial objectives set in 2015.  We then set ourselves the challenge to do even better this year. We wanted to increase both conversions and traffic, whilst also reducing CPC and CPA  further.

As such, we set new objectives for 2016 which both reflected the areas we were keen to improve upon and supported the client’s overarching company goals.

-Increase traffic

-Reduce Cost per Click (CPC)

-Reduce CPA by 20%

-Increase conversions by 20%

-Reduce spend



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The results

Since setting the new objectives and implementing a refined PPC strategy, we have seen huge improvements in performance. The goals have all been met and we hope to maintain Attic & Loft Company’s steady and structured growth as we continue to develop various paid marketing campaigns.

The results:

-Traffic increased by 12%

-Reduced CPC by 25%

-Reduce CPA by 40%

-Increase conversions by 41%

-Reduced Costs by 16%


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What they have to say...

  "We have been very impressed with the improvements made to our website and PPC campaign by Adtrak. Whenever we need support, or have a query, the team are very quick to respond. I would highly recommend their services." - Nick, Attic & Loft Company  


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