Meet the Team! – Kate Cox

19th September 2018

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The work we do here at Adtrak speaks for itself, but the people who do the work can also speak and we’d like you to meet them.

Kate Cox: Web Designer

We’re back again with another profile of one of our talented team. This time, we’ve got a profile of Kate Cox: Web Designer.

What are some of the tasks you have to complete on a daily basis?

Busy or not, the most important part of any day is the strongly-brewed cup of tea that starts it off. After that, a normal day consists of:

  • Organisation of my workflow for the day
  • Setting up and coding bespoke websites
  • Quick break to make another cup of tea – it’s very important to stay hydrated
  • Usually liaising with other departments, but often Account Managers and clients, too
  • Recording tasks, project developments and queries in Salesforce for future reference

What about regular, monthly tasks?

Aside from the day-to-day, my role also involves:

  • Content marketing and marketing packages – both the monthly meetings to keep up to date with all ongoing projects and working on the projects themselves
  • Department meetings and training sessions to develop our skills and keep us up to date with recent company and industry developments
  • Designing bespoke websites

Have there been any notable changes to your role in recent times?

Company-wide, all of our roles are becoming more customer-facing due to the recent shift in the role that the Service Desk plays within the company.

There’s now a greater focus on us to contact clients directly to request information, keep them updated, and to answer any technical questions they might have. This change encourages us to build relationships with our clients and allows us to be more involved in our ongoing projects.

What is most challenging about your role?

I find that it can be difficult to get started on bespoke designs sometimes as I’ll either have too many ideas and not know which to go with or I’ll draw a complete blank. It can be difficult at times to find a halfway point where you have a few good ideas which all work nicely together, too.

What is most rewarding?

Being able to help others. I joined the company in September 2015 as a Trainee Web Designer with no prior knowledge or experience in the industry. I’ve learned a lot and gained loads of experience since then, and it’s awesome to be able to use this to help and support others.

Finally, what is your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend involves catching a train (and then another one) down to Cambridge to see my best friends. I’d like to say that we spend our time punting, visiting tourist spots, and relaxing by the river but the truth is we usually just sit and chat in Wetherspoons.*

*Other pub chains are available.

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