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Case Study: Ashlar Security (Copywriting)

Ashlar Security (Copywriting)  


The client came to us with a specific brief for how they wanted to portray their company, ensuring the right tone and target of the website. They wanted to focus on drawing in large, industrial clients, have detailed product descriptions and were eager to ensure that the copy represented their company's aims and ethos in a professional manner. They were willing to work with us to benefit from our writing experience and gain a thorough understanding of the necessity of keywords and their placement, as well as ensuring that the layout was appealing and the content, although informative, was easily readable and not overwhelming.


After meeting with the client, we drew up a draft of the content using the SEO keywords and headings to ensure that once completed, the copy would perform as promised. We researched the types and styles of products offered by the client to ensure that we could write in a detailed, but interesting, manner that would engage their target clients and promote the benefits of each product concisely.

We consulted with the client at each step to ensure that we were going in the right direction. This allowed them to have further input at each stage, expanding on the relevance of different products or services as the copy progressed.


Thanks to the client input and feedback, we created copy that exactly reflected their requirements, both in relation to the tone and focus of the site. Each page was carefully constructed to appeal to potential industrial clients, engaging their interest by creating accurate, detailed and informative content in a concise way that was easy to read.

As a result, the potential clients could see at a glance how Ashlar's services would be beneficial to them, without overwhelming them with too much technical jargon or a dense layout.



The Adtrak Copy team provided us with an excellent service. They've worked with us closely to best promote all of the different facilities offered within our business with fantastic results. Highly recommended.

Briony Storer, Marketing & Sales Assistant


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